Release Notes

What’s New in Rejected 3.18

  • Messages dropped by a consumer can now be republished to a different exchange
  • When a message raises a ProcessingException, the string value of the exception is added to the AMQP message headers property

What’s New in Rejected 3.17

  • Consumers can now have multiple connections, with the ability to specify if a connection should consume or not
  • Rejected now only spawns processes the configured quantity of consumers instead of the configured quantity of consumers * number of connections per consumer.
  • rejected.consumer.PublishingConsumer has been merged into rejected.consumer.Consumer
  • rejected.consumer.SmartPublishingConsumer has been merged into rejected.consumer.SmartConsumer
  • Add new enabled flag in the config for statsd and influxdb stats monitoring
  • Add a new behavior that puts pending messages sent into a collections.deque when a consumer is processing instead of just blocking on message delivery until processing is done. This could have a negative impact on memory utilization for consumers with large messages, but can be controlled by the qos_prefetch setting.
  • Consumers can now receive messages returned from RabbitMQ
  • Consumers now have a callback to be notified when RabbitMQ blocks and unblocks a connection
  • rejected.testing.AsyncTestCase improvements
  • Minor bugfixes